Personality Mix- Know Your Temperament Combination

I guess by now you must know the four major temperaments and the category you belong. Deep Think- temperament combinations
If you don’t, you can read my post on the four major temperaments.
If you read the post, you might have questions like, “I know my personality, but I have qualities of another temperament . What does this mean?”

The thing is, it’s possible to have a combination of two temperaments. I call this the ‘Personality Mix’. Asides from the four temperament outlined in my previous post, below are the other six temperament combinations a human could possibly have. Having a combination of all four temperaments will make you a freak though.


5. The Sanguine and Melancholic Combination

You remember that the Sanguine is the playful and cheerful personality, full of colour and creativity? Well, the Melancholic on the other hand is the guy who prefers to think and study than play. He’s the boring guy that doesn’t demand attention. Then how is it possible for a guy to be both cheerful and boring?

Simple! The combinations come in different proportions. You could either have more qualities of a Sanguine than a Melancholic (SanMel temperament) or more of a Melancholic than a Sanguine (MelSan temperament). A SanMel temperament could be an analyst but would know when to think and when to talk or play. A MelSan temperament would be more of a thinker but would know how to make you smile when you cry (remember, Sanguines are good sympathizers).


6. The Sanguine and Phlegmatic Combination

Remember the Phlegmatic is the cool, calm, easygoing and patient guy. People with this combo have got the charm and appeal of a Casanova, regardless of the proportions of the temperaments. They sure know how to party and can be unserious sometimes.


7. The Choleric and Melancholic Combination

Remember the Choleric is the strong willed, goal oriented personality. If you have more qualities of the Choleric than the Melancholic (ChorMel temperament), you’d make a good activist. They back up thinking with go-getting and so always do a good job. They might hurt people in the process, but their main focus is the end result, so they don’t care. Those with more Melancholic qualities (MelChor temperament) also get the job done but with caution. Unlike the ChorMel temperament, they care how others feel when they carry out some actions. Also they always look serious and only show emotion when the situation demands it.


8. The Choleric and Phlegmatic Combination

These guys know when to play and when to throw commands. No matter the proportions, they are goal getters but they do this with style. They also have their fair share of charm and appeal. They can cheer you up when you’re sad but could get pissed off when your crying gets too much.


9. The Sanguine and Choleric Combination

If you’ve got no trace of bore in you, then this is your combo. It’s never a dull moment around these guys. They can be authoritative but they’ll make good leaders if they work with the right people.


10. The Melancholic and Phlegmatic Combination

These guys will need to take a bottle of optimism and self confidence every morning before the days work. They live by strong principles and always want things to be done the right way, and perfectly too. To work with these kind of people, you’ve got to have some of the qualities of the opposite side of the <a href=”http://www……”>personality chart.</a>

So there you have it, the ten temperament combinations of a typical human. If you didn’t know the kind of person you are, now you do. Your personality entirely influences how you think and act. It determines the kind of thoughts you think, both positive and negative. The crazy thing is that not many people know this.

But the good thing is that you’re much better than them because you know. You can achieve greater results in your life because of this little knowledge you’ve just acquired. However, the question is, “how can you use your personality mix to determine the kind of thoughts that go through your mind?” Well, there’s the easy way and it’s all explained using cool Martial Art techniques. Click here to learn how to use your personality mix to master your thoughts using Martial Arts.

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  1. Bassball Batman says:

    I see that some of the temperaments are being combined with Phlegmatic. Bear in mind that Phlegmatic ranges from being a neutral temperament to being a well-balanced temperament. So, given the update from people’s studies on Phlegmatic, it doesn’t combine itself with other temperaments; it IS the combination of ALL the others.

    Some psychologists add in the name “Supine” for a temperament, although I’m not sure I’m ready to include such a temperament. The thing I’m left yet to decide on is this: whether the temperament model is better off as a 2-factor “grid” or a 3-factor “color wheel.”

    I’m starting to suspect that the original intention was that Phlegmatic be not the “opposite” to Choleric, but as a combo of all 3 others. Temperament names from Kiersey include Artisan, Rational, Idealist, and Guardian. Though these four have been equated with the humors, I think they fit better in between them. On a “grid” model, Guardian would fit between Supine (old Phleg) and Sanguine.

    Lately, however, I’ve been leaning more toward the 3-factor “color wheel” theory (Inclusion, Control, and Affection), making half of Guardian the same as Idealist and the other half the same as Phlegmatic, the “middle.” Thus, perhaps Inclusion for Artisan, Control for Rational, and Affection for Idealist?

    If that’s the case, then the color wheel works like so: Artisan (Red) + Rational (Green) = Choleric (Yellow); Rational (Green) + Idealist (Blue) = Melancholic (Cyan); and Artisan (Red) + Idealist (Blue) = Sanguine (Magenta). And Phlegmatic (White) in the middle! Not only working as an additive wheel, but also a subtractive one (making Phleg black)! That can indicate Phleg both in negative (black) and positive (white) light. Whatcha think?

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