How To Build Difficult Relationships

We all have people whom we love and those with whom we have nothing to do with. But do you know that it’s possible to still have your enemies on your side. Find out how in this article.

Relationship building is one of the many things essential for personal and business success. It is seen as connecting with people who share your values, beliefs, class and so on. But tell me what happens when that one person who can boost you to success happens to be your complete opposite. He contradicts everything you stand for and worst of all, he doesn’t like you. Would you then say, “Well, since we have nothing in common, I’ll make do without him.” Sometimes, this is the best thing to say and at other times, it’s not. With the simple techniques I’m about to tell you, you can build effective relationships with almost anyone and everyone.

1. Study Your Target
By saying study, I don’t mean spy. I simply mean observe your target’s actions and behaviours. In order to observe, you need to provide answers to the what, why and how questions like; What’s his personality makeup? How does he interact with partners and employees? What kind of task does he regard as perfectly done? What makes him feel important? What kind of people does he have relationships with? What makes him say yes or go ahead to tasks and ideas? The questions are endless. Your study has got to be thorough, especially if your target is a difficult person.

2. Play The Pet
When your pet wants something from you, does it use its canines or animal strength to make you give in? It dares not. It simply wines because it knows you’ll definitely fall for it. This is one method you should adopt. If you carry out your study well, you’ll get to know what makes your target tick. Forget about all the assets or relationships you have and just make him feel important. Just as you give your pet what it wants, you’ll definitely get that relationship you want.

3. Offer a Service
In my younger years in school, I never really fought to defend myself because I didn’t know how to. Infact, with the number of bullies I had as friends, I didn’t need to. Some of the things I did in return was to help them with studies because I happened to be one of the Brainiacs in the class. They neither compelled me to do this nor did we enter any protection agreement. I just did it and I got what I wanted. Go out of your way and do something that you know your target will appreciate.

4. Keep Your Head in The Game
Don’t forget the primary reason you why you are into the relationship. The moment you lose focus, you lose your power to your target. Make him realize (indirectly) that you’re in control and the moment you leave, you’re taking all the goodies with you.

Building relationships is all about creating value exchanges. Give all you can but don’t forget to receive. That way, the relationship becomes profitable and worthwhile.
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