You Are Better Than You Think

Most times, the cause of most of our problems in life is what we say to ourselves and not what others say or do to us. Not many of us know this and so we blame our misfortunes and disappointments on others instead of taking full responsibility. But the question is, “what makes us say things that limit us in almost every aspect of our lives?” The answer isn’t far fetched.

Do you know that your self worth is determined by the beliefs, attitudes, opinions and feelings you have about yourself? The moment you realize this and take advantage of it, you’ll have complete control over yourself and the world you’ve created. But how can you make your beliefs work for you? All you have to do is take control of your mind. That sounds pretty simple, right? Well, yes it is simple but I didn’t say it’s easy. Your beliefs are limited to your state of mind and your perspective of life. You can’t tell a mad man that tomorrow, he’s going to head a huge business empire. He’ll think that you’re the mad one and probably tell you to see a doctor.

Before you can change your beliefs, you have to find that reason why you think the way you do.
You do know that before you can find something, you’ve got to know exactly what it is you’re looking for. According to research and experience, one of the main causes of our problems in life is believing and saying that we’re not good enough. This feeling of inferiority is one of the most dangerous causes of failure and disappointment. Trust me; I know what I’m talking about. For a long time in my younger years, I was burdened with this feeling of inferiority. I didn’t even know what it was then. Well, maybe I did but didn’t know what to call it. A few so-called friends knew this and took advantage of me, in a negative way of course. I’ve forgiven them anyway because they helped me realize this flaw in me and I started working towards correcting it. Now, I won’t say I’m completely ‘cured’ because I still see the scars but I have power over it. That to me is the most important thing, having power over any circumstance or challenge and not letting it overcome you.

This just shows that the way you think and feel about yourself can be completely changed. All you have to do is know its cause, find it and work on it. As I said, it’s not easy. It’ll take more than just a few hours of self examination to discover it. You’ll need to have an open mind and learn from every mistake you make.
A word of caution here; Just because you occupy a high position or are successful in business doesn’t exclude you from feeling this way about yourself. I was in a coveted position but still had issues. This means that you can be higher and better than you are now by getting rid of this feeling. 

I’ll round off with this word from Richard Devos; “The only thing that stands between a man and what he wants from life is often merely the will to try it and the faith to believe that it is possible.”

What’s been your most limiting belief in life and how did you overcome it? If you gained from this post, please leave a comment and get a free download from the ‘free eBooks 4 u‘ page.


  1. I love this post! I read it a couple days ago, but needed an extra minute to reply! I didnt have a one word comment. My blog is my biggest way Ive tried to overcome my negativity of myself. Everyday I still think why am I even blogging? I feel like I have no original content, but its just the voices in my head, becuz all around me I get such positive feedback. Keep up your posts, they are inspirational! Im a new follower!

  2. The best thing is always to find that thing which
    helps you overcome those attitudes you don’t
    like. Sometimes, I still think the way you do
    concerning blogging. Thanks for stopping by Isra. I appreciate your comment.

  3. …Nice article. You have to believe
    in what you want to become.
    Positive * Positive is never a
    Negative, so sorround yourself
    with people who portrait the
    attitude that you want to adopt.
    Self- esteem and awareness play a
    huge part in who we are. So when
    you practice being the best, you
    will build up a positive disposition.
    If you talk about being the best
    with no action, well then you can
    expect results.

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