Empower Your Vision With Skill

“Be sure that as you scramble up the ladder of success, it is leaning against the right building”

-Stephen Covey
 Over time, I’ve heard some really interesting ways of how people discovered their purpose and how they ended up achieving it as if by magic. One thing I got to discover was that when you know the purpose for which you were created, your life seems to be ‘engineered’ in that particular direction. Out of these stories, there’s one I really like which I would share with you. Sometimes we feel we know what is good for us not knowing that there’s a higher power that knows better.

A young man once asked God to reveal to him what he would be in future. After constant prayers, God finally gave him a revelation. In his dream, he saw himself washing clothes. Being that the job of a ‘washer man’ is not considered a ‘noble profession’, he rejected the vision and prayed again. The following day, he dreamed again but this time, he was ironing the clothes he washed the previous day. That was the last time he prayed for purpose.
He went on to study Electrical engineering in the University and was really good at repairing machines. Sometime after graduation, a friend realized how skillful he was and gave him a few ‘damaged’ appliances to repair, one of which was a machine used for cleaning carpets. This young man repaired it fast and decided to sell it, but buyers were not forthcoming. Instead of dumping the machine, his business acumen awoke on his inside and he started a ‘DRY CLEANING’ business. All he had to do was get more damaged machines from his friend, repair them and use them in his business. Today, he not only washes clothes but suits, carpets, upholstery and more. Oh, and he’s rich too.  

The reason why many of us who know our purpose tend not to appreciate it is because we can’t see the future in it. Most of the time, visions and revelations are given to us raw; it’s left to us to refine it.

One of the best ways to add value to what you do is to become someone of value. The young man in that story didn’t want to bring himself down to the level he saw in the dream. Instead, by developing himself and learning something new, he unknowingly brought the purpose up to his level. Not everyone is lucky to discover purpose through dreams or visions but one thing is certain- we all have a purpose for which we’re here on earth. It’s up to you to determine how you achieve it. You create your own future, so start modeling it now so it becomes a MASTERPIECE later.

How did you discover your purpose? Was it through a vision, reading a book or just interacting with friends? Are there any steps you know in living a fulfilled life? Your comments are welcome.
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