Two Lessons from Mind Gurus

Lessons from mind gurus

“Knowledge is learning something everyday. Wisdom is letting go of something everyday.”

-Zen Proverb


First of all, my sincere apologies to my blog readers. For the past three weeks, I’ve been off the blogosphere due to urgent projects and exams. Despite this fact, my blogging friends have really made development in their blog content and I’m really impressed. This means I’ve got a lot to catch up on.

Okay, in those three weeks of no blogging, I did something fulfilling and I’ll be sharing the results with you. I stumbled on a Mind Training Course online which didn’t catch my fancy at first. Well, because it had to do with the mind, I registered. After two weeks, what did I get in return? A highly empowered and knowledgeable human being. I feel good right now, seriously.

The coach actually exposed me to a few new things which I really had no idea could be true. Let’s see a few.

 1. The Mind Operates on Principles of Quantum Physics

When I first saw this, I wasn’t really surprised because I already regarded Quantum Physics as a law breaker. Quantum physics contradicts almost every normal law in ordinary physics and this makes it different (I’m a Physicist, so I know). For example, Quantum physics would tell you that putting water in a cup (a half filled cup) doesn’t stop it from coming out.

According to classical physics, the cup must first be full, to the point of overflowing before the water can pour out. It acknowledges the presence of boundaries but Quantum physics doesn’t. It doesn’t look at water as a whole but its individual molecules. This is why when you fill a cup with cold water, the water doesn’t stay inside the cup but comes out onto the body.

According to Quantum physics, boundaries are non-existent and this is the same with the mind. The mind was made to obey Quantum principles but many of us have forced it to become classical, thereby giving it boundaries. The more you force your mind to do the unusual, the more you move it from the classical to the quantum realm. And when it becomes quantum, it becomes limitless.


 2. You are Largely Influenced by Water

According to science, our body is 70% water. Now here’s something I never knew before- music affects water. I always wondered why the great inventors of old (those gurus) always listened to Baroque music. Do you know that when such music is played near water, in a particular way, the droplet becomes beautiful and seems to move in sync with everything around it?

Then imagine what happens when you listen to such music with the 70% water in your body.  You’ll only radiate some form of uniqueness that’ll make you look….different.

Another strange thing is that you have the same knowledge that water has, depending on what you’re thinking about. The water we drink now is the same water that was drunk a million years ago, only that it’s recycled (see the water cycle). This means that it has seen every form of development since the days of old thus making it a genius (and it’s not even human).

I guess this is why those guys could invent those big machines which we have developed on now. All they do is think of the problem (how to make such machines), go to a quiet place, put on their turn tables and listen to some baroque, sit back and then let their water and mind do the thinking.

A few minutes (or hours) later, they come out of their thoughts (or sleep), get their pen and start making some crazy drawings (or documentations). Just in case you’re wondering, that’s how the Caterpillar was invented (that big machine you see near construction sites).

These two points just sum up to one thing- your mind is what you make of it. It is completely under your control and gives you what you demand from it. The produce it gives back to you depends on how you nurture it. It has the power to shape your life and destiny, just give it the right tools and inspiration and it’ll work wonders. Just don’t forget to give thanks whenever you drink a cup of water.


Why do you think many of us have not yet realized the full power of our mind? I’d love to hear what you think in the comments.
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  1. Wow! Your post packs a punch. It’s great to have you back! Would love to hear about your adventures off blogosphere.

    The mind is indeed limitless. I think the fear of being laughed at or scorned makes most people classical thinkers. To expand our minds we must not be afraid of ground-breaking, out-of-the-ordinary ideas that might attract ridicule and scoffs from people who can’t see beyond the tip of their noses.

    Lanre, you didn’t give us pointers on how to realise the full power of the mind. Do expect that in your next post?

    • Hey Oluchi, thanks for your awesome comment. In other words, what you’re saying is believe in yourself and don’t let anyone pull you down. That’s good advice. Trusting our ideas to take us far would definitely help us counter-attack ridicule.
      I really appreciate your comment.

    • As for my next post, your wish is my command.

  2. I love the concepts in this post! The boundless and limitless potential of the mind is so important, and these principles really break that down. And your point on water is so amazing. Have you heard Jet Li’s philosophy on “Mind Like Water”? He talks about how having a mind like water is so beneficial in your potential for success. It’s amazing that you did that water analogy. I love learning so much wisdom from so many different angles. Great stuff! These principles are what will wake people up. I think people have been conditioned to think smaller out of fear. But once they learn the truth, a whole new world will open up for everyone. Thanks for sharing this!…. By the way, I’ve taken a break from blogging too, so I understand! I am in the process of business building right now, so I hope to be back to blogging soon!

    • Hi Alexis, another insightful comment as usual. Yes the mind is limitless and I’m glad you share that truth. Just like water, the mind is universal, common to every man. We just have to find out how to fully and effectively utilize it.

      If you’re really going on a break, then I’ll surely miss your blog. I really appreciate your comment.

  3. Hi Lanre: I like to think of the mind as a living/growing plant. We can water and nurture it, but we can’t force it to grow. It will grow if and when it is ready. I find that is the same with my creative juices. I can’t force them to bloom. I can nurture and encourage my creativity through stimulation, but the thoughts and words will only flow when they are ready. It is truly an organic process.

    Nice to have you back in the blogosphere. You were missed.

  4. Hi Doreen,
    That’s a really cool perspective. By allowing the mind to grow and develop naturally, it’ll attain a mature state when the time is right. By forcing it, it develops prematurely and then could make us go crazy.
    Thanks for this eye-opener Doreen and I really appreciate your comment.

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