3 Reasons Why The Poor Stay Poor And The Rich Get Richer

“Success is becoming someone you have never been, to eventually poverty mentality

achieve something that you have never achieved.”

- Lanre Solarin

For many months, you’ve been looking at this million dollar dream house in a magazine.

Then your dream comes true- you finally get the chance to see your house. When you enter the house for a quick survey, everything looks perfect at first. Then you get the goose pimples.

The house starts to look too big, too fine, too dreamy…

Too good to be true…

You then get scared and uncomfortable and the only thought running through your mind is, “Are you sure this house is meant for you? Do you deserve it? You don’t need it because you’re okay where you are. Your small apartment is just enough for your growing family. If you could manage up till now, you can still manage till you get another house.”

Sound familiar?

This was the same way I felt a few months ago. Only this time, I was about to take a trip.

I was used to a trip squashed in with 15 other passengers in a bus whose parts rattled at every bump on the road. Not to mention the smoking exhaust pipe.

Well, this time, I was in a car with few spaced out passengers, working seat belts and a DVD player for entertainment. All in one commercial vehicle. Wow!

But when I entered, my thoughts only made this statement- GET OUT NOW!

What was wrong with me?

Then it dawned on me….

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5 Terrible Things That Could Happen To You If You Don’t Rebrand Your Thoughts

“Power comes with leverage and technique.”Deep Think Rebrand thoughts

- Morgan Freeman

How would you like a leash around your neck?

We may be in the 21st century with all the civilization and technology, but I tell you, slavery is still going on….

Thought slavery….

And I tell you, everyday, one person is being taken into slavery, without his knowledge. And who knows, you might already be one of them. I was.

You are made to do things you don’t want to do and then manage whatever results you get, whether good or bad. This makes you frustrated, angry but still willing to put in more effort with the hope that one day, you’ll get the results you want from life.

Well sorry, but it may never work out as you hope.

How is this possible? Well, here’s your answer…

“Like web content, your thoughts are king. And I’ll tell you why”.

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