5 Terrible Things That Could Happen To You If You Don’t Rebrand Your Thoughts

“Power comes with leverage and technique.”Deep Think Rebrand thoughts

- Morgan Freeman

How would you like a leash around your neck?

We may be in the 21st century with all the civilization and technology, but I tell you, slavery is still going on….

Thought slavery….

And I tell you, everyday, one person is being taken into slavery, without his knowledge. And who knows, you might already be one of them. I was.

You are made to do things you don’t want to do and then manage whatever results you get, whether good or bad. This makes you frustrated, angry but still willing to put in more effort with the hope that one day, you’ll get the results you want from life.

Well sorry, but it may never work out as you hope.

How is this possible? Well, here’s your answer…

“Like web content, your thoughts are king. And I’ll tell you why”.

Actions may speak louder than words but your thoughts tell your actions what to say. It’s the man behind the mask. It controls everything- from the words you speak, to the things you do.

The way you think matters a lot and this is something that I didn’t know for a long time. Thoughts just seemed irrelevant to me at the time and sometimes, I just used to wonder why people made so much noise about being positive (I was one of the most negative people you could ever find). It wasn’t until years later that I realized that the circumstances I found myself in during my younger years were largely influenced by my thought patterns.

If something goes wrong with your thoughts, your reality turns inside out. There’s nothing else that determines your future as much as your thoughts and this is one reason why books like, “Think and Grow Rich” and “As a Man Thinketh” are created.

There’s a thin line between poverty and wealth, between dormancy and accomplishment, time slavery and productivity. That thin line is your thoughts and you determine which end of the line you belong.


For decades, personal development gurus have buttressed on the point of positive thinking but it seems most people just hear and don’t do. I guess this is because they’ve got no idea of the consequences of unguided thoughts. So, here are five consequences of not rebranding your thoughts for your benefit.


1.      If You Don’t, Someone Else Will Do It for You

There something called influence and it’s a master player in the game of life. It’s an unseen predator and you are its prey. It doesn’t hunt its game from the outside but starts from within. The crazy thing is that it uses someone you trust or just a difficult challenge as a vessel and then gradually manipulates your mind.

And I used to be its number one prey!

Influence has different sources. It could come from your friends, books, media and every other thing you come in contact with. If you don’t have control over what goes in and out of your head, you could have both negative and positive influence playing with your thoughts. The only way to attack this is to control the influence.

Take action: Your thoughts could get contaminated if you don’t have a hold on them. By consciously aligning your thoughts with what you believe in and what you want from life, you could become the master of influence. When dealing with the results of bad influence in your life, don’t attack your thoughts head-on. Instead, start with the source of the influence. If you were influenced into taking drugs by your so-called friends, start by separating yourself from those friends. I suggest you move out of town because the more you see them, the faster you give in.


2.      Achieving Your Goals May be Difficult

Goal setting and achievement are not just about taking action. Achieving your goals is just like climbing a staircase. If you don’t believe that you’ll get to the next step probably because of a broken knee or a terrible illness, trust me, you won’t get there.

Many of us set goals because we want to have the feeling of accomplishment and live our dream lives. That’s a good thing but if your mind is not ready to achieve that goal because of what you say to it or negative influence, even the smallest goal would seem larger than life.

Take action: By constantly assuring yourself that you are capable of achieving that goal, you reprogram your thoughts for positive outcomes. The results and not the problems must be dominant in your mind  if you really want to move on.


3.      You’ll Attract the Wrong Crowd

No man is an island. You need all the help you can get if you really want to change your reality and live your dream life.

When it comes to thoughts, like attracts like. Negative thoughts attract other people with negative thoughts; and without your knowledge, you end up with actions that move you farther away from your desired future.

Take action: Look deep into your relationships. From the actions and statements of those around you, you’ll be able to determine whether you are surrounded by negativity or not. If you are, then it’s most likely that your thoughts are also negative and need rebranding.

How do you rebrand in such a crisis? Simple -change your friends. That’s a simple phrase but I didn’t say it was easy. You’ll probably turn your “friends” into enemies in the process but if it’s worth the risk (c’mon, your future is at stake here), then take it.


4.      You Would Make Unproductive Efforts, Without Results

No one likes to work for nothing and I’m sure you don’t either. But this could be the case if you move against your beliefs. It’s just like trying to swim against the current. No matter how hard you try, the current will eventually pull you in its direction, especially if it’s a strong one. Your thoughts are the currents.

It is possible to go against your thoughts and beliefs, but sometimes, the outcome only leaves the “I told you so” statement ringing through your mind. You can’t just change your actions in a puff of smoke. Go to the source and change the current first and your actions will align automatically.

Take action: All work and no results make Jack a frustrated guy. I beg you, don’t fall into his shoes. You suddenly get that contract or project and it all begins to seem as if you won’t be able to go through with it. Don’t carry this thought pattern to the end of that project because the results you get might be “negatively mind blowing”. You got the project, so stick with it and don’t let fear get in the way.


5.      You’ll Lag Behind Those With Opposite Thought Patterns

No one is born to be ahead of anybody, but your thoughts make things that way. Success just seems to follow some people like a willing slave while for others, it’s the other end of the coin.

The truth is that there’s nothing so special about successful people. The only difference about them is the way they think and what they expect out from life.

How do you think and what do you expect life to give to you? Do you expect good things to happen to you or do you just let circumstances get the best of you? By sincerely answering these questions, you could flip the coin in your favour.

Take action: Whenever I found myself in problems that seemed unsolvable, my thoughts would amplify the situation and make it look so bad that I wouldn’t want to wake up the next day. You can’t think of bad things happening to you and then expect that something good would occur. What you think is what you get. If your wish is to live and abundant and happy life, then start to think in that direction, even though you have a back log of debt to pay.

Until you rebrand your thoughts, you cannot reprogram your reality or rewrite your future. Determine your kind of thoughts by the actions you take now. Then change them for your benefit. You are who you think you are.


Your Turn

Have you discovered negative thought patterns in your life before? In what ways have these thoughts affected you? I’d love to hear what you think in the comments.

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  1. Where do I start? So many to choose from. It’s an ongoing battle!
    Becc recently posted..R U OK?My Profile

  2. “The truth is that there’s nothing so special about successful people. The only difference about them is the way they think and what they expect out from life.”

    Great post. You are SO on target with your above statement. Everything begins with our thoughts and if they aren’t aligned with our desires we’ll never get what we want.

    The secret is to find ways to eliminate our negative thoughts, get rid of our limiting beliefs, and overcome our fears.

    Some people think that is difficult to do. If they think it’s difficult, then of course it will be difficult.
    Thanks for sharing!
    wendy merron recently posted..Practice Positive ThinkingMy Profile

  3. Hi Lanre: So glad to see you back on BHB grp. I’d missed your posts, so I’ve now subscribed to your blog.

    Regarding positive thoughts: I am definitely a positive thinker and eternal optimist. I find that every once in awhile, a negative thinker gets to me and really brings me down. Why is it that negative thinkers seem to like to prey on positive thinkers? Are they jealous of our optimism, happiness and focus? Do they want the world to be filled with negative thinkers like themselves? They are so very dark, and for the most part, so unhappy.

    Indeed, we can change our friends and associates if they are negative thinkers and I have done that. Sometimes we cannot eliminate all of the negativity in our lives (for various reasons) and we have to reach that much deeper within ourselves to find the strength to forge on. Thanks for the encouragement.
    Doreen Pendgracs recently posted..look for opportunities to promote your writing expertise: guest post by Irene Ternier GordonMy Profile

  4. Wow, this post was just what I needed right now. Thank you so much! I’m generally a very positive person, but when things happen (it’s been a rough September for me), I tend to see it as a pattern of terrible things to come and even, look at other negative things that have happened and become a little dispondent. I do this instead of seeing a situation for what it is, a negative thing that happens to everyone, not an indictment on my self-worth. I love life, but this is something that I have to work on. Thank you!
    Johnny@Financial Freedom Newsletter recently posted..10 Biggest Money Mistakes Even Smart People MakeMy Profile

  5. It’s easier to change your negative friends then it is to change your own habits of negative thinking, isn’t it. For me, that takes constant diligence and awareness. Sometimes I just slip into it without thinking about it. Then one day I notice that I’m not where I should be with my attitude. When that happens I work to correct that and take the necessary action to reverse my negative approach. It’s never easy, but it sure makes life a better experience over all when I make that effort.
    Susan Cooper recently posted..An Assumption, a Dog & A Rabbit: StoryMy Profile

  6. Nice. Lanre. I am having a great problem for 2 years now. I always think negative about my health especially heart. What can I do?

    James Hannan recently posted..Are you open enough to make extra income from homeMy Profile

    • Hi James, thanks a lot for your comment!
      Perhaps the only way to deal with this is to check your present condition. Over the years, has that health condition improved? If it hasn’t, then you should probably start by changing your thoughts towards your health..

      One way to do this is to start making positive affirmations on your health. But still tthese affirmations don’t work like magic. You first need to change your belief system. If your heart, in its present state could still keep you alive till now, then you have to believe that it will keep you for many more years to come. It’s only when you believe this that positive declarations will work.

      Also, having complete health is not by our power. Medicine only treats, but God heals! Faith without works is dead. When you have faith and act out your Faith by only doing actions that don’t go against your beliefs, bad health will be history.
      Sincerely, the last time I spent the night in a hospital was when I was born. I’m not saying this to brag but to show you that nothing is impossible. Hope your question has been answered?

      I really appreciate your comment James. Do stop by again.
      Lanre recently posted..5 Terrible Things That Could Happen To You If You Don’t Rebrand Your ThoughtsMy Profile

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