Warning: Neglect These Five Elements of Wealth at Your Own Risk

“My success is due more to my ability Warning signto work continuously on one thing without stopping than to any other single quality”

-          Thomas Edison

Every poor man wants to be rich…

Every entrepreneur wants to accumulate wealth…

Even the beggar outside your house wants to have money at his beck and call…

But the thing is that it doesn’t always work out as planned.

I’ve personally read lots of personal development books that say that all you need to be successful is know what you want, set goals to achieve it and then work hard…really hard. Just in case you don’t know, here’s how it is spelled out:

1. Have a dream

2. Write down your goals and work towards achieving them

3. Always look at the future and avoid distractions. Don’t let anyone change your mind about what you want to do.

4. Continue like this and one day, you’ll be controlling millions.

Well, it’s not that simple! Neither is it so straightforward.

In my short experience of being an entrepreneur, I’ve come to realize one fact:

“Having lots of money doesn’t make you wealthy. It simply puts a big question mark in your face, asking you if you can make that money again… and again… and again.”

So the question is,

Is there a secret pathway to accumulating wealth?

Nope, there isn’t!

However, in all my years of reading self help books and in the few months of growing my business, I’ve noticed that it is possible to “almost guarantee” success.

On the earth, there are specific elements which we as humans can never do without.  That is the elements of air, water, land and fire.

Well, the same goes for success. For you to almost guarantee your success there are specific elements you must learn and never let go off. These elements simply operate like the four elements of the earth. The only difference is that, well, you can’t see them.

Here are the five elements of wealth that every human must have…including you!


1. Nurture Your Creativity to Produce Ground Breaking Ideas

Sometimes, I really wonder why people say that they aren’t creative. Perhaps you’re one of them. To me, that’s highly impossible.

The earth wasn’t made based on a blueprint that was laid down by who-knows-what. It was created…and before you can create anything, you’ve got to be creative. Likewise, the act of being creative is creativity.

This was the same way that the machines, gadgets and utilities you and I use today were made. Even the recommended glasses you’re using to read this blog post is a product of someone’s creativity.

If small insects like ants can be creative enough to design and build an anthill, then who says you’re not creative? Those paper planes you made when you were 8 were a product of your creativity. The planes flew, didn’t they?

Money doesn’t like dumb people or lazy asses. It only gets attracted to those who know how to play with it, in an effective way. And you can only play with it effectively if you know how to produce it.

The only way to produce money is through ideas. Hope you didn’t think I would say “steal a printing machine? That’s illegal!”

You bring the idea, the idea brings supporters. These supporters bring their own ideas. These ideas combine to become one mega idea. This mega idea rakes in cash. This cash, if managed well brings in profits, which in turn leads to a fat bank account. That’s basically the process.

So, the stepping stone to even start attracting any form of wealth is through this element, which is creativity. It’s the very first thing you need.

Take action: Creativity dies off when you don’t nurture it. One way to develop your creativity is to always ask the question, “What if?” For example, the next time you take chicken soup with a spoon, ask yourself, “What if I used egg shells to drink this soup?” It’s crazy, but no matter how stupid it is, you’re feeding your creativity.

But the thing is; creativity on its own can’t survive. It needs something else…


2. Ignite Your Passion to Boost Your Creativity

“I’m sorry Miss Jane, but your idea doesn’t go well with us. We really can’t see how this will bring us any profits. We suggest you go back and do your homework.”

That’s what you’ll get when you’re standing in front of investors or supporters who think your idea is full of crap. What happens when this is the case?

For some, they turn the idea-generating switch in their heads off, sit back at home and continue watching Desperate House Wives.

This will only happen if you lack the second element of wealth, which is passion!

Your passion is what makes your creativity work for you. Being creative isn’t enough. You need to believe in that product or service you want to create and find an inner drive  to make it a reality.

In other words, you need to disregard the negative thoughts and opinions which people have about it and find every reason why you love it. After all, you can’t get someone else to believe in your product if you don’t believe in it yourself. That just doesn’t make sense.

Take action: Never start a business or create a product if you don’t have passion for it from the very beginning. To ignite an existing passion, all you have to do is find that special reason why you started that business in the first place.


3. Fuel Your Passion with Perseverance

Have you ever wondered if ants go on vacation? Well, I don’t see that happening. And I think this is something we can learn from.

Regardless of their size or the number of days in a week in which they work, for some strange reason, they just don’t give up. No matter how big the hill is or how heavy that crumb of bread is, they always overcome.

While this can also be perceived as passion (I really don’t know what they’re passionate about), there is some inner will or doggedness that gives them enough motivation not to stop in their tracks.

This is the third element which we all need to support that burning passion- Perseverance.

If you’ve got creativity with all the passion in the world and you lack perseverance, every obstacle will seem too big for you. Even a crumb of bread will be too heavy for you to carry over a range of two miles.

Take action: The enemy of perseverance is quitting. Don’t quit unless it is the last and only option. Never let quitting be the first thing that comes to mind.


4. Make Your Dream Flexible with Change-ability

It’s 7:30 am when you slowly open your eyes to a bright new day. After much stretching, you comfortably roll over to your right side to look at you bedside clock. Then reality hits you…

You’ve got a job interview at 8:30am!

45 minutes later, you’re on the road, taking the route you’re used to. Then, you end up in a traffic jam. By some stroke of luck, you notice another road to your right which, by your calculations, should lead you to your interview venue. But the thing is; you haven’t taken this road before.

Would you say, “Nah let me stay on this road. The traffic will soon clear out and I’ll be there in no time. Besides, I know this road” Or “That clear road should take me to where I’m going. At this rate, this traffic would make me late. Let me turn off this road. If I get there on time, then I’ll continue using that road”?

Sometimes, we just like the stick-to-what-you-know attitude and even when this attitude isn’t appropriate for the situation at hand, we still stick to it. That’s bad!

This brings us to the third element of wealth which is change-ability. In other words, the ability to change to other options that would help you attain your dream.

Being rigid and unresponsive to change won’t take you anywhere. It’s like refusing to use the mobile phone because you’re used to postage services.

You need to evolve with the new things springing up around you because this is the only way you or your business can grow. The idea that was profitable yesterday may bring in losses today. So if this is the case, what will you do? Will you stick to that stale idea or will you modify it?

Take action: Stay current with the latest developments in your niche. If purchasing an app and using it on your business would double your results, then go for it. Just avoid thinking in just one direction all the time.


5. Build a Die-Hard Attitude with Resilience

Do you remember the last time you picked a fight? When you were pushed down, did you get back up or did you just lay down there, waiting for your opponent to crush you?

As for me, I got back up and threw a punch, which just hit the air. I’m such a bad fighter.

The ability to get back up, even when you’ve been knocked down, is resilience- the fifth element of wealth.

The most successful people have experienced failures in their lives. Some have even been broke. But they didn’t stay broke.

You shouldn’t stay broke, even though all the money you had was invested in an extremely unprofitable venture.

The key here is to always find a reason to get back up. The reason must be strong enough to propel you up and forward toward that goal.

For me, when I was knocked down during that fight, I only got  back up for one reason- to throw a punch. And I did throw that punch, but it didn’t land on anything.

And I even got knocked down again…

Take action: When you get knocked down due to negative advice or rejection, don’t stay down. Get back up and continue taking action on your dream.


So how do we put all of this together?

Here’s an analogy to help you out:

What car do you drive? Just create a picture of that car in your mind.

Don’t worry, if you don’t have a car, just create one.

The body of that car is your CREATIVITY.

The engine is your PASSION.

The fuel is your PERSEVERANCE.

The stirring wheel is your CHANGE-ABILITY.

The spanners, spare tyre, jack and screw driver are your RESILIENCE.

The body of the car (your creativity) can’t move without the engine (your passion). On the other hand, the engine can’t move the car forward without fuel (your perseverance). When you decide to take a better or faster route to work, you use the stirring wheel (your change-ability). After 5 long hours of driving, your tyre bursts and the car comes to a halt. The only way to get that car moving again is to change the tyre using the spanners, jack and other gear (your resilience).

In other words, your creativity depends on your passion, which in turn depends on your perseverance. Your ability to work faster, better and smarter with your creativity depends on your change-ability. When everything goes bad, your resilience determines whether your creativity gets back up or not.

So you see, all these elements are crucially important. The question is, “how do you imbibe these elements?”

Simple! Implement the take action steps (there’s five of them). And if you feel you’re not good enough to have any of these elements, I’ll let you in on a secret way to get rid of that negative feeling. Just click the link!


Your turn

Which one of these elements do you think you lack? What else do you think is an important element of wealth? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Fantastically written piece here, Lanre. You pointed out some great things in regards to the importance of effectively marketing yourself and your business. Thanks for sharing your content with us. I’m glad to have found you and your content on I hope to see more of it there. :)

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    • Hi Ti, I’m glad you found the content worth reading :-). Nice to have you stop by my blog too.
      Thanks for your awesome comment, do stop by again.

  2. This is a great post, Lanre.

    I think as we creative people, will always have people ho don’t understand our motivation or passion, and will try and throw obstacles in the way of our motor cars.
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  3. Thank you for your post. I found a lot of great and helpful information

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