The Shocking Truth about Positive Thinking (And How It Negatively Affects Your Reality)

Positive thinkingTo have more, you must first be more.”

- Goethe

I’ve been pissed off by a lot of the “get-rid-of-negative-thoughts” advice circulating lately…

And sincerely, I’m so sorry for those actually accepting the advice. Why?

Because I know that a lot of wannabe positive thinkers might live unfulfilled lives and die without a dime in their pockets, not to talk of their bank accounts.

Calling this a bluff? Well, wait till you hear Kate’s story.

After having very good education, up until college, Kate was what you would call privileged.

In fact, she was so fortunate that starting her bag making business was a piece of cake. People were just willing to help her, due to the good nature of her family.

However, Kate had a little problem. She was always pessimistic. She wouldn’t do anything unless she was pushed to do it because she believed that it wouldn’t work out. Her friends even had to convince her for two months to start weaving bags for a living. After all, it was her talent.

After months of reading blog content on positive thinking, she decided to give it a shot. And it worked!

Although her business wasn’t booming, she got a really high paying job to become an accountant in a firm. She didn’t waste any time in thinking about whether to dump the business or not. After all, her positive thinking had paid off, right?

After 20 years, her firm entered financial crisis and changed ownership. Kate was retrenched! The firm just had to let the longer serving employees go. In all those years, Kate was very positive about staying with her job, which she did. But she just hated the idea of trying to get promoted. She was scared that being too ambitious would cause a lot of problems.

As if the bad luck wasn’t enough, all her privileges were taken from her and she fell really ill. Why? [Read more...]