The Shocking Truth about Positive Thinking (And How It Negatively Affects Your Reality)

Positive thinkingTo have more, you must first be more.”

- Goethe

I’ve been pissed off by a lot of the “get-rid-of-negative-thoughts” advice circulating lately…

And sincerely, I’m so sorry for those actually accepting the advice. Why?

Because I know that a lot of wannabe positive thinkers might live unfulfilled lives and die without a dime in their pockets, not to talk of their bank accounts.

Calling this a bluff? Well, wait till you hear Kate’s story.

After having very good education, up until college, Kate was what you would call privileged.

In fact, she was so fortunate that starting her bag making business was a piece of cake. People were just willing to help her, due to the good nature of her family.

However, Kate had a little problem. She was always pessimistic. She wouldn’t do anything unless she was pushed to do it because she believed that it wouldn’t work out. Her friends even had to convince her for two months to start weaving bags for a living. After all, it was her talent.

After months of reading blog content on positive thinking, she decided to give it a shot. And it worked!

Although her business wasn’t booming, she got a really high paying job to become an accountant in a firm. She didn’t waste any time in thinking about whether to dump the business or not. After all, her positive thinking had paid off, right?

After 20 years, her firm entered financial crisis and changed ownership. Kate was retrenched! The firm just had to let the longer serving employees go. In all those years, Kate was very positive about staying with her job, which she did. But she just hated the idea of trying to get promoted. She was scared that being too ambitious would cause a lot of problems.

As if the bad luck wasn’t enough, all her privileges were taken from her and she fell really ill. Why?

She had worked too hard was hypertensive.

Kate died trying to treat herself. Even her burial was a quiet one because it was so low budget.

There are millions of people that ended of up like Kate in the past. And more will still live her kind of life and end up like her.

The question is, will you?

Sometimes, positive thinking can do you more harm than good. Why?


Your Positive Thoughts May Not Always Bring You Positive Results

A lot of people are missing something very vital in this quest to think positively and to live a positive life. And this is why for some, the positive thoughts seem to be impotent. They don’t see any results and so believe that it’s all a hoax.

Well, it’s not! The reason is that you’re not concentrating on one crucial element…

Your negative beliefs!

From high school math, when you multiply a negative number (say -1) with a positive number (say, +3), what would your answer be?

That’ll be -3! See, the end result is still negative, even though the positive number is three times bigger than that of the negative.

If you have one negative belief about something, and you use three different positive thoughts or affirmations to bombard it, you’ll probably get three more negative outcomes.

Why is this so? I’ll give you just two ways in which people are getting positive thinking wrong.


1. They Avoid The Truth And So Focus On The Wrong Things In Life

The truth is Kate had negative beliefs. She always believed that things would not work well, especially when she was in the middle of it. Instead of battling with that evil, she avoided it.

She probably started saying affirmations like, “I am successful”, “I am getting a good job”, and “I am making lots of money”. If she really wanted to work on her beliefs, her affirmations would be something like, “I prosper in everything I do”, “I am the best at what I do”, and “I am seeing the world positively”.

Yes, her affirmations worked, but in the wrong way.  Her belief was too negative for her thoughts to work on, and so, they found an alternative.

Take action: What affirmations are you saying to yourself? Are they the right ones? Take a look at them (if you have them written down). If you have a negative belief about something, take note of it. And write affirmations that would help you get rid of that belief.


2. They Think Positively About Their Material Lives And So Neglect Their Personal Development

Just in case you didn’t know this before, I think it’s high time you knew;

The immaterial (spiritual) gives rise to the material (physical).

If this wasn’t the case, then where did the aeroplane come from? Did it drop out of the sky?

Nope, it started as an idea in the minds of the Wright brothers. And so did all other inventions. Even God meditated before creating the world you see today.

And as you know, ideas are not physical.

All of the affirmations that Kate said to herself were with respect to material things. Getting a job and having lots of money is material.

Prosperity, excellence and a positive perspective of the world are immaterial. They only manifest themselves materially.

When you focus on changing your beliefs, your affirmations and thoughts will automatically align with the immaterial and intangible things of life. For instance, if your dream was to produce ground breaking ideas and your affirmation was, “I am having profitable ideas”, what does that mean?

It means your ideas, when shared with the right set of people, have the ability to make you lots of money. And the good thing is that you won’t have just one profitable idea. But when you say, “I am making lots of money”, you’ll probably jump at the next high paying job that winks at you.

Take action: Shift your focus from acquiring material possessions to building yourself personally. By doing this, you’ll suddenly start to see all the negative things in your life and will consciously work on them.

Perhaps if Kate had known all along that she was doing the wrong things, she might have worked hard on her business. But she didn’t, and you do! So the question is, “what are you going to do about it?”

You can either call my bluff or you can start working on your beliefs right now using these two points as a guide. You have nothing to lose.

10 years from now, you could be that highly successful woman, who after working hard on her negative beliefs, has impacted the lives of many through her words and actions. You wouldn’t even know what hit you, because it’ll all seem like magic. You focused on developing yourself, and your material life only got much better. How nice is that?

If you’re lazy like me, then perhaps you’ll want a sure-fire step by step guide to actually help you recognize and get rid of those life threatening beliefs. Well, you don’t have to go too far because you’ll also learn how to make positive thinking your best friend. I mean it!

So, if I’m talking to you, then you should check out this guide on positive thinking right now! It’ll also show you a unique way to do it.


Your turn

Have any of your positive thoughts brought about negative outcomes in your life? Have you been focusing on the intangible aspects or the material aspects? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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