The Shocking Truth about Positive Thinking (And How It Negatively Affects Your Reality)

Positive thinkingTo have more, you must first be more.”

- Goethe

I’ve been pissed off by a lot of the “get-rid-of-negative-thoughts” advice circulating lately…

And sincerely, I’m so sorry for those actually accepting the advice. Why?

Because I know that a lot of wannabe positive thinkers might live unfulfilled lives and die without a dime in their pockets, not to talk of their bank accounts.

Calling this a bluff? Well, wait till you hear Kate’s story.

After having very good education, up until college, Kate was what you would call privileged.

In fact, she was so fortunate that starting her bag making business was a piece of cake. People were just willing to help her, due to the good nature of her family.

However, Kate had a little problem. She was always pessimistic. She wouldn’t do anything unless she was pushed to do it because she believed that it wouldn’t work out. Her friends even had to convince her for two months to start weaving bags for a living. After all, it was her talent.

After months of reading blog content on positive thinking, she decided to give it a shot. And it worked!

Although her business wasn’t booming, she got a really high paying job to become an accountant in a firm. She didn’t waste any time in thinking about whether to dump the business or not. After all, her positive thinking had paid off, right?

After 20 years, her firm entered financial crisis and changed ownership. Kate was retrenched! The firm just had to let the longer serving employees go. In all those years, Kate was very positive about staying with her job, which she did. But she just hated the idea of trying to get promoted. She was scared that being too ambitious would cause a lot of problems.

As if the bad luck wasn’t enough, all her privileges were taken from her and she fell really ill. Why? [Read more...]


How Staring Into Space Can Save Your Life

“We are free to choose our actions…but we are not free to choose  staring into space

 the consequences of those actions.”

-          Stephen Covey




Sometimes, the most stupid actions are the best actions to take.

I always feel good whenever I report to my home office. I enter the room, take a quick glance at my table, chair and laptop and my mind just goes, “yeah, time to make some money!”

Whenever this happens, the day goes great.

But this day was different… so different.

I had an important deadline to meet for a particular project I was working on for a client. So, as usual, the first place I went to was my laptop.

After booting to the Windows desktop for a few seconds, the blue screen of death showed…

My laptop had crashed… Arrgh!!

My next option was to get another computer (my mum’s), plug in my USB flash drive where I had backed up the project and begin work for the day.

Lo and behold, after plugging in my flash, the craziest thing happened…

My flash drive had gone bad…

I was going crazy!

My last resort was to access the internet for the backup files via my android phone. But as I looked at my phone, I read the three most horrible words…

“Emergency Calls Only!”

My internet connection was absent…

It seemed bad luck and the devil had a score to settle with me that day.

Being that I was blessed with anger, the first thing that came to mind was to smash my phone on my laptop screen, break open my flash drive and chew on the chip.

I was mad! But I mean, that was the most sensible thing an angry man could do at that time, right? I needed to cool off my temper, so I had to do something really crazy and destructive.

But what I did afterwards really surprised me…

I didn’t do anything but sit on my chair and stare into space for what seemed like hours.

My mind was completely blank and it seemed as if I was deaf to the world. This singular action showed me something very important that I’ll never forget…

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Warning: Neglect These Five Elements of Wealth at Your Own Risk

“My success is due more to my ability Warning signto work continuously on one thing without stopping than to any other single quality”

-          Thomas Edison

Every poor man wants to be rich…

Every entrepreneur wants to accumulate wealth…

Even the beggar outside your house wants to have money at his beck and call…

But the thing is that it doesn’t always work out as planned.

I’ve personally read lots of personal development books that say that all you need to be successful is know what you want, set goals to achieve it and then work hard…really hard. Just in case you don’t know, here’s how it is spelled out:

1. Have a dream

2. Write down your goals and work towards achieving them

3. Always look at the future and avoid distractions. Don’t let anyone change your mind about what you want to do.

4. Continue like this and one day, you’ll be controlling millions.

Well, it’s not that simple! Neither is it so straightforward.

In my short experience of being an entrepreneur, I’ve come to realize one fact:

“Having lots of money doesn’t make you wealthy. It simply puts a big question mark in your face, asking you if you can make that money again… and again… and again.”

So the question is,

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Why Thinking Big Is The Worst Way To Achieve Your Dreams

“Your success in life will be Why Thinking Big Is The Worst Way In Achieving Your Dreamsin direct proportion to what you do, after you do what you are expected to do.”

-          Thomas Jefferson


Sometimes, too much focus on a goal can be a bad thing.

I had just landed a cool appointment and I was so determined to close the deal.

So, I wore cool blue jeans with a pair of black suede shoes to match. I was so excited and all I was focused on was completing the project, even though I had no idea how to do it.

With loads of enthusiasm, I set out to meet with my newest client. Not even a, “Hi Lanre” from a friend would stop me in my tracks.

But then, I forgot that it had rained….

I didn’t even watch my steps but kept focus on the road miles ahead of me.

Splash! The worst thing that could ever happen to a nicely dressed young guy had occurred…..

My right leg, from my knee downwards, was covered in thick, brown mud.

Perhaps if the mud was blue, I wouldn’t have turned back. But it wasn’t and after 15 minutes of walking, I just had to.

That was 30 minutes wasted!

How much time of your life have you spent trying to focus on something bigger than you?

How much time have you wasted working towards achieving a huge dream, only to discover that you were on a journey to Neverland?


From the guy with no vision of a future to the executive who wants to launch out and start a small business, everyone just loves to recite the phrase, “dream big”. I guess that’s because the gurus tell us to do so.

They’re right in telling us to dream big, but we’re wrong in misinterpreting its true meaning.

So the question is, “what does it really mean to dream big?”

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5 Uncommon Lessons My Dog Taught Me About Taking Action

“Try to run before you learn Dog Lessons on Taking Actionto walk and you’ll never stop crawling.”

Danny Iny



Who would have thought that dogs could be geniuses?

After 10 short months of sincere puppy love and training, my little puppy left me with a tear stained face and lots of unanswered questions. He taught me so much that even up till now (5 years later), I still marvel at the vast knowledge he had.

And he was only a puppy.

I was like the happiest guy on earth when I got this pup in a little brown box. Although it was just a local breed, the big eyes were so…..enchanting.

Truce (the name of my pup) was a pretty slow learner…..or so I thought.

He cherished his little brown box so much that whenever it got out, it almost always went back into it. Now that really pissed me off.

I really didn’t know why he did that. It wasn’t until three years later, when I started to take critical actions in my life that it all came to me.

The following five lessons will almost directly oppose your beliefs about taking action. Imbibe at your own risk!

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